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Algebra, Functions & Graphs

Questions and full solutions are posted on the following topics:

Question Sent by Date
What is the method for long division of polynomials? David Bowen 30 Sep 00
Can you explain how to calculate with matrices? Malik 24 Sep 00
How do you solve this quadratic inequality? Sarah 16 Dec 99
I need to find the equation of a circle Zobeyda 15 Oct 99
How do you draw graphs of inequalities? Christine McCormack 12 Oct 99
Solving simultaneous equations using substitution Dominic Walsh 2 Sep 99
Solving simultaneous equations using elimination Dominic Walsh 2 Sep 99
Solving simultaneous equations using a graphical method Dominic Walsh 2 Sep 99
A tricky equation with no solution Adrian Blackburn 29 Aug 99
Using a graph to verify proportionality P Weldon 3 May 99
Finding and sketching inverse functions Kelly Biddlington 22 Apr 99
How do you calculate with complex numbers? Jon Horbury 19 Apr 99
Logarithms - what is the difference between log and ln ? Nadeen Dahl 16 Mar 99
Solve this quadratic equation with complex coefficients Lee Armstrong 3 Mar 99
How to tell if (x+2) is a factor without long division Barbara Hinton 28 Feb 99
Pascal's Triangle and expanding brackets Tony Mowlem 20 Feb 99
Completing the Square Nigel Tomlinson 16 Feb 99
What use are Logarithms? Nick Jennings 15 Feb 99
How to tell if a Quadratic Expression will factorise Adele Green 15 Feb 99