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Trigonometry, Geometry and Mensuration

Questions and full solutions are posted on the following topics:

Question Sent by Date
Calculating sides of similar triangles Angela 28 Dec 99
Calculating the height of a tower - a more tricky example Davinda 30 Aug 99
Proving a trigonometric identity Nicholas Lawton 23 Aug 99
Solving a trig equation with composite angles Nicholas Lawton 9 Jul 99
The relationship between perimeter and area Tom Stone 8 Apr 99
How do you find the area of a regular pentagon? James Pallett 12 Mar 99
Working our bearings Debbie Aldridge 22 Feb 99
Problem finding the hypotenuse of a triangle Carl Hastings 17 Feb 99
I can't find the angle using trigonometry Aaron Burgess 17 Feb 99
The ambiguous case for the Sine Rule Dawn Briers 16 Feb 99
Why do we need to measure angles in radians? Darren 16 Feb 99
How do you solve sin(3x) = 0.5 ? Sareen Smith 14 Feb 99