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Number and Financial Calculations
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Knowledge Bank Contents List for
Number and Financial Calculations

Questions and full solutions are posted on the following topics:

Question Sent by Date
Working out numbers with fractional or negative powers Terry 25 Sep 00
How do you do long multiplication by hand? Hannah Simson 9 July 00
Another fully worked example of long division Naser Mahmood 24 Mar 00
How do you do long division by hand? Jak Simmonds 23 Oct 99
Problem with limits of accuracy Tom Warren 21 Oct 99
Calculating repayments on a loan Lucie Chantal 14 Jun 99
Finding a formula for the nth term of a harder sequence Emma Strachan 11 Apr 99
How do I find a formula for the nth term of a sequence? Mel Sharpe 2 Apr 99
How should you write numbers as a product of their prime factors? Anna Lahert 19 Mar 99
What is the Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) ? Owen Roberts 17 Mar 99
... and what is the Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) ? Owen Roberts 17 Mar 99
A problem with three-way ratios Nadia 23 Feb 99
Difference between decimal places and significant figures Tony Straw 20 Feb 99
Combinations (nCr) and Permutations (nPr) Shula Hebden 19 Feb 99
Percentages and Profit Ranut 17 Feb 99
Standard Form and Powers Vicki Hopgood 16 Feb 99
Working out somebody's Income Tax Andy White 16 Feb 99
A common "catch" question on percentage decrease Sarah Jacobs 14 Feb 99