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Statistics & Probability

Questions and full solutions are posted on the following topics:

Question Sent by Date
Which statistical test should I use? Martin McLaughlin 23 Apr 99
A probability question needing a tree diagram Jasbir Gosal 22 Apr 99
How do you find the standard deviation of grouped data? Alex Watson 21 Apr 99
What is a frequency table? Geraldine Richards 28 Mar 99
The "drunken secretary" problem T J Noonie 12 Mar 99
Frequency density and histograms Lynda O'Dea 27 Feb 99
Estimating the mean from a grouped frequency table Mandy Peterson 22 Feb 99
Adding Probabilities for 'OR'-type problems Kate 18 Feb 99
Which Average to choose? David Hughes 17 Feb 99
The Probability of Winning the National Lottery Jenny Wilkinson 15 Feb 99
What sample size is needed for the Chi-squared Test? Heidi Grant 15 Feb 99
Which standard deviation formula should I use? Jon Walsh 15 Feb 99