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Knowledge Bank Contents List for
Calculus (Differentiation & Integration)

Questions and full solutions are posted on the following topics:

Question Sent by Date
How to differentiate x2 by first principles Martin Bland 28 Aug 99
A more difficult example of Integration by Parts Joanne Spiers 2 Aug 99
How to do Integration by Parts Mike Busfield 27 July 99
Area of a circle by integration Cristal 30 Jun 99
Integrating squared trig functions Jen Wilcox 9 May 99
Find the minimum surface area of a tank with given volume Arron Charman 15 Apr 99
Maximum area of an isosceles triangle with a fixed perimeter J W 12 Mar 99
Why is my answer for the area by integration wrong? Jon Grundy 27 Feb 99
Differentiating sin(x) by first principles J Sanders 17 Feb 99
Minimum surface area of a cylinder with a given volume Natasha Squires 14 Feb 99