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Information and Terms for Sponsors

Why sponsor Maths Help (altruistic reasons) ?
Maths Help offers an impartial support service to students at schools and colleges who seek help and advice with mathematics. Mathematics is an essential subject, but one which many students find hard. Students will inevitably get stuck - but if there is nowhere to turn for help, they can become frustrated, alienated and disaffected.
An internet-based service such as Maths Help is available round the clock. We aim to provide a response by email within 24-48 hours. We do not simply provide the answers, but give formative advice and hints which should enable the students to make further progress with the problem themselves. This can build confidence and success.
Maths Help is run voluntarily by a partnership of experienced mathematics teachers who are committed to exploiting the communicative power of the internet to reach out to students. Maths Help is dependent on sponsorship to maintain and host the website.
Why sponsor Maths Help (commercial reasons) ?
Maths Help is a unique website in the UK. It is tightly focussed. Users visit it for a specific purpose. You can assume that visitors to Maths Help have made a conscious decision to go there, and will spend quality time interacting with the site.
The target group of Maths Help can be clearly described. Users should be students in upper secondary or tertiary level education. They should be well motivated. They should be keen to learn mathematics. They want to do well. Such users will come to the site not out of idle or transient curiosity. They will expect to use the site, to explore the content and to interact with a purpose. They come with a mind-set which is open and receptive.
We have evidence that a growing number of teachers and lecturers are also visiting our site, checking out its content and referring their students to it. Such professional academics may well be in a position to authorise or influence significant purchasing decisions within their institutions.
What are the visitor numbers like?
Maths Help is a new venture. It went "live" in the middle of February 1999 for piloting, and publicity for the site was kept small for the pilot period until summer 1999. However, visitors soon found their way to Maths Help, and many sites are now recommending us and linking to us.
Our web server reports show a steady growth in the number of "page impressions", with monthly totals now regularly in excess of 35000. Thus:
In the month of May 19997516
In the month of May 200028360
In the month of May 200142260
Maths Help has the mission to become the website of choice for UK students of mathematics at upper secondary and tertiary level. We were granted the StudyWeb Award for Academic Excellence in July 1999, and the TopMarks Excellent Site Award in November 2000.
What kind of sponsorship is available?
We are assuming that commercial sponsors will wish to place an advertising "banner" on certain pages of the Maths Help site, with the option to link it to their own website. A banner is a rectangular image of approximate size 468 x 60 pixels. If a sponsor does not have its own standard banner, Maths Help can create a pseudo-banner containing plain text on a coloured background according to the sponsor's instructions. Here is an example of a simple pseudo-banner:
All recommended A-level set texts are available from
H. W. Wetrocks

We currently envisage that a single banner could appear on each of the following pages:
We would be prepared to accept up to 4 banners on:
Another kind of sponsorship is the inclusion of a message in the form of a "signature" ("sig") which is automatically appended to the end of every email response sent by the Maths Help tutors to students who send in a query. Since Maths Help aims to reply to all serious queries by email, this is an effective means to send a message to a clearly defined audience. Such a signature may be up to 4 lines in length in standard text, with the option of containing one hyperlink. It would appear at the end of the email text and before Maths Help's own sig. Only one sig sponsorship will be available at any time.
Proposals for sponsorship other than banners or signatures as outlined above may be addressed for consideration to
What are the costs, and how can I sponsor Maths Help?
We are currently offering sponsorship for the half year period 1 September 2001 until 28 February 2002.
To sponsor Maths Help by banner or signature, use a copy of the order form. Print out a copy of the form, fill in the details, and post with a cheque to the address shown. Be sure to enclose full written details of your banner, link URL and/or sig content. Click here to go to the form.
For any further queries, email
Any small print?
We hope our dealings with our sponsors will be conducted in good faith (and good humour) to our mutual benefit. Maths Help relies on sponsorship to meet the everyday costs of hosting the site. We do not want to drown in a sea of conditions and rules. However, we would like to insist on the following:
  1. All sponsorship must be of a nature suitable for minors. Maths Help will not accept any sponsorship from sources of which it does not approve.
  2. Maths Help is an internet-based service. Should any technical faults render the service temporarily inoperable, sponsors have no claim to compensation due to lack of exposure.
  3. The Maths Help partnership will maintain and operate the service as described on its website in good faith and to the best of its ability. Sponsors will have no claim to compensation due to lack of exposure should the number of "hits" fluctuate. No minimum number of "hits" is guaranteed or implied.
  4. Sponsors may withdraw their sponsorship at any time in the sponsorship period, but no refund will be made.
  5. Sponsors may change their banner(s) or their sig wording at any time subject to a 25 administration fee per banner or sig payable at the time of notification of change.

This version of "Information and Terms for Sponsors" created 1 September 2001