Sometimes there seems to be a stigma attached to having a tutor, but that should never be the case, as maths tutors can help in many different ways. Whatever level you are studying, or whatever your ability in the subject, you could benefit from maths tuition.

Engaging the services of a maths tutor means that you, or your children, gain the help they need in a one to one situation. It can be easier and more comfortable to ask questions, and as your tutor is only there to help you, there is plenty of time to focus on any area of maths that is troubling you, or you feel you need extra practice on.  Just remember though, hiring a maths tutor shouldn’t be seen as a negative, as people use them for all kinds of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Illness or prolonged absence from school: Hiring a maths tutor can help you catch up with the curriculum if you’ve been away through no fault of your own.
  • Exam Preparation: Extra study to help you focus on revision for important tests or exams, from mocks to final tests/assessments. These tests could be part of national assessments, 11 Plus Exams, GCSE, or A-Levels,
  • Learning difficulties: If you have dyslexia or another learning difficulty and need extra help understanding the different areas of maths, or need guidance to ensure you keep up with the rest of your class, a maths tutor can help.
  • Improving Grades: If maths, or a specific area of the subject is one of your weaker areas, and you need to improve your grades, then a maths tutor could help. Having one on one tuition can help you get extra practice in the areas you need it in most, and drill down into any problems that have come up through lessons or exams. A tutor may be able to explain things better/in a way you understand, and help you improve your prospects for the future. Maths is a core subject, and entry to further/higher education may depend on it.
  • Adult Learning: It’s never too late to learn, and for one reason or another many adults are turning to adult education to improve or refresh their skills. A maths tutor can help you prepare for adult numeracy courses, and access to education courses, both of which can help your job prospects. These types of courses can be necessary if you wish to take a degree course at university.


If you’re not sure if a maths tutor would be right for you or your child, why not find out more about the curriculum and what a tutor could help with online., BBC Education, parenting websites, and other study guides are packed full of useful information.  So whether you have problems with number skills, algebra formulas, geometry and measures, or statistics and probability, you can get the help you need, whatever your age and ability. A tutor will help you focus, enable you to spend time on your weak points, and help you achieve good grades come exam time.