• From: Anon
  • Date: 11 April 1999
  • Subject: Why haven't you answered my query?

Several days ago I sent you an urgent problem I was having with my maths revision. Why haven't you answered it? I need help!!!

Maths Help suggests:

It is our policy to respond to all serious requests for help. We try to answer within 24-48 hours. If we anticipate a period when it might take longer, we indicate this on our website.

There are four reasons why some queries go unanswered:

1. You did not type your email address exactly in the box in the form. This means our response cannot get to you.
2. You did not use the form on our Send A Query page. We cannot undertake to respond to direct emails (including replies to one of our previous emails to you).
3. A few queries we have received have been obviously not serious or totally incomprehensible. It is a waste of our time and resources to respond to these.
4. Technical hitches do unfortunately occur over the Internet. Perhaps your query never reached us, or perhaps our response never reached you. If in doubt, send us the query again after a few days.
Help us to help you:
1. Use the form on our Send A Query page.
2. Check and double-check you have typed your email address correctly.
3. Re-post your query if no response received after about 4 days.

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